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The Travis Appraisal Review Board (ARB) is an independent group of citizens authorized to resolve disputes between taxpayers and the appraisal district. The ARB sits in panels of three to hear testimony and review evidence to determine property owner protests that were not resolved during the informal process.

During an ARB hearing, both a property owner and a representative from the appraisal district will present their evidence and take questions from a panel of ARB members. Following this presentation, the panel will make a decision regarding the protest. Hearings typically last 15 to 20 minutes. Approximately three to four weeks after the hearing, the property owner will receive a Notice of Final Order via certified mail.

The ARB hearing process will begin in June 2021. Property owners will be allowed to participate in their hearings in several ways:

By phone: Property owners will be allowed to present their case via a telephone hearing. Instructions are available for property owners that wish to take advantage of remote screen sharing during a telephone hearing. 
By affidavit: Property owners will be allowed to submit their evidence and arguments by written affidavit.
In person: If requested, property owners will be allowed to attend an in-person hearing at TCAD’s office.

Property owners will be required to adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols while inside the facilities.

The Travis ARB will contact property owners with information on their scheduled hearing date and time at least 15 days before their scheduled hearing. That notification will also contain information on how to attend a phone hearing, submit an affidavit, or request an in-person hearing.

Property owners who wish to appeal the decision of the ARB may do so in binding arbitration or District Court.



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Can I get electronic shape files?2021-01-20T13:17:05-06:00

Taxpayers may also purchase a copy of our GIS shape file that include all of Travis County. You must have GIS or ESRI to use the GIS shape file. This information can be put onto a CD or transferred to an FTP site. The cost is $25.

How do I submit an affidavit before my hearing?2021-01-20T13:16:04-06:00

The affidavit and supporting documents must be received by the ARB before the scheduled hearing date. Delivering them to our office in person is best. If you mail them, it is a good idea to send them return receipt requested. Be sure to mail them in plenty of time and be sure the address is correct. The affidavit must state that you swear or affirm that the information it contains is true, and sworn to before someone authorized to verify the Affidavit . Be sure to clearly place in the affidavit or a cover letter, the property owner’s name, address, account number, property description, and the date and time of the hearing.

Can I get a copy of the appraisal roll?2021-01-20T13:19:09-06:00

Yes, an electronic copy of the entire appraisal roll data is made available free of charge on the appraisal district website. Upon a request the Appraisal District can provide PDF copies of the appraisal roll by property type, subdivision, zip code, and several other predefined criteria. The cost for PDF appraisal rolls are $5. Please contact the Records Coordinator for a list of predefined criteria. Additional criteria for PDF creation may be requested but will incur programming and manipulation charges.

When will I receive the evidence related to my protest?2021-01-20T13:12:13-06:00

Property owners and/or their authorized tax agents that protested using the online eFile system(s) and requested evidence packets will have the evidence made available electronically on the eFile system(s) as time and law allow. Property owners and/or their authorized tax agents that did not use the online eFile system and made a written request to have evidence sent will receive the evidence by general mail as time and law allow. If you did not make a written request to have the evidence sent to you, you may inspect and/or make copies of the evidence at the appraisal districts office 14 days prior to your scheduled hearing during normal business hours by informing staff at the Customer Service department that you wish to inspect your evidence and providing them the account number(s) for the property protested. The evidence packets for ARB hearings are not the same as information requested under the Public Information Act.

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