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Property owners may be eligible to claim exemptions on the installation or construction of solar and wind-powered energy devices that are primarily used to to provide energy on-site.

In order to be eligible for this exemption, a property owner must own the property and system on January 1 of the year. Leased systems do not qualify for an exemption.  However, leased systems are considered personal property and should not be taxed as part of your real property.

Property owners can submit an application along with supporting documents detailing the installation date and total output of the system in kilowatts. If the device was installed prior to the purchase of the home or was included as part of the purchase price, property owners should include a statement to that effect.

Completed applications must be filed no later than April 30 of the year for which a property owner is requesting an exemption.

Exemption applications can be submitted using our online portal. Property owners will be prompted to create a new login by using an email address and password.

Applications may also be mailed to the address below or delivered to the drop box at our new office location:

Mailing Address: PO Box 149012, Austin, TX 78714-9012
Office Location:  850 E Anderson Ln Austin, TX 78752

If you lease your solar device, please inform the appraisal district by email at [email protected] and include the property address, TCAD property ID number, and a statement that the system is leased.


What is a homestead exemption?2020-10-29T20:18:54-05:00

A homestead exemption lowers your property taxes by removing part of the value of your property from taxation. There are several different types of homestead exemption, including the general residence homestead exemption and exemptions for seniors, people and veterans with disabilities, and some surviving spouses.

Do I have to apply for a homestead exemption every year?2022-06-27T10:09:53-05:00

No, you do not have to reapply for a homestead exemption unless the Chief Appraiser requests a new application in writing, you move to a new residence, or your qualifications for an exemption change.

Homestead exemptions do not transfer between owners. New property owners must submit a new application for a homestead exemption on their property.

I just purchased my home. When can I apply for a homestead exemption?2022-06-27T10:09:48-05:00

To qualify for a homestead exemption, you must own and occupy the property on which you are applying.  If you recently purchased a home, you may submit the form now and the homestead will be applied to the year in which you qualify.

Can I claim a homestead exemption on a mobile home if I do not own the land?2020-11-20T15:02:10-06:00

Yes. Please include a copy of your title to the mobile home or a verified copy of your purchase contract along with your exemption form.

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