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The Travis Central Appraisal District (TCAD) Board of Directors hires the Chief Appraiser, approves the TCAD budget, approves contracts, and sets general policies. The Board does not appraise property, review property values, or appoint members to the ARB.

The Board of Directors typically conducts monthly meetings called at the discretion of the Chairperson of the Board.  The Board must meet at least once each calendar quarter.  The Chairperson or a majority of Board members may call special meetings or emergency meetings.  The Board conducts all meetings in the board room of the Travis Central Appraisal District (850 East Anderson Lane), unless the Board, by action and notice of a meeting, designates a different location.

A copy of the Board of Directors’ General Policies and Procedures for Public Access is available online.

To contact the TCAD Board of Directors, email [email protected]. Emails may be directed to the appropriate department or Taxpayer Liaison for resolution.


James Valadez
Travis County
Expires 12/31/24

Theresa Bastian
Vice Chair
Austin ISD
Expires 12/31/23

Nicole Conley
City of Austin
Expires 12/31/24

Debbie Cartwright
Austin ISD
Expires 12/31/24

Dr. Osezua Ehiyamen
City of Austin/Austin ISD
Expires 12/31/24

Tom Buckle
Western Travis County
Expires 12/31/24

Bruce Elfant
Travis County Tax Assessor Collector

Elizabeth Montoya
Eastern Travis County
Expires 12/31/23

Blanca Zamora-Garcia
City of Austin
Expires 12/31/23

Vivek Kulkarni
Travis County
Expires 12/31/23



Review previous board meetings to find prior agendas, board documents, and audio recordings.


What does an appraisal district do?2022-06-27T10:09:57-05:00

Each Texas county is served by an appraisal district that determines the value of all of the county’s real and personal property. Generally, a local government that collects property taxes, such as a county, city and school district, is a member of the appraisal district.

What is a taxing entity?2020-10-29T14:48:13-05:00

Taxing entities are the local government entities such as  cities, hospital districts, junior colleges, and municipal utility districts. Taxing entities provide services to the taxpayers they service such as schools, roads, police, fire, and other services taxpayers expect.

What is TCAD’s fax number?2020-11-20T14:58:19-06:00

We have discontinued accepting fax communications. We accept US mail, email and hand delivery.

By what authority is my property taxed?2022-06-27T10:08:38-05:00

Property is taxed by the authority of the Texas Constitution. The Constitution sets forth five basic principles for property taxes in Texas.

  1. Taxes must be equal and uniform. No single property or type of property should pay more than its fair share.
  2. Property must be appraised on its current market value meaning the price that it would sell for on the open market when both the buyer and seller seek the best price and neither is under pressure to buy or sell.
  3. Each property in a county must have a single appraised value. This is guaranteed by the use of the county appraisal districts.
  4. All property is taxable unless federal or state law exempts it from the tax.
  5. Property owners have a right to reasonable notice of increases in their appraised property value.

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