The ARB is an independent entity. TCAD staff are unable to address long wait times.

The ARB must postpone a hearing upon request by the property owner if the hearing has not started within 2 hours or more after its scheduled start time. The postponement request from the owner appearing in-person must be made prior to the owner leaving the building. The postponement request from an owner appearing via phone must be emailed to [email protected] by the end of the day of the scheduled hearing. Property owners must attach a phone screen shot showing a wait time of 2 or more hours from the scheduled hearing start time.

A property owner should be prepared to again wait a minimum of 2 hours from the rescheduled hearing start time.

A property owner or a designated property tax consultant who leaves before 2 hours have passed from the scheduled hearing start time may not reschedule their hearing. The property owner forfeits the protest.