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E-File makes it easy to file and settle your protest online.

To e-file, you will need to setup an online account. If you need assistance with setting up an account or logging in, please contact our customer service department for assistance.


In the e-File system, you file your protest online. You get an immediate confirmation that your protest has been filed. We will review your opinion of value and evidence.   If this analysis indicates a reduction is warranted, we’ll email you notice that you have a settlement offer available. You’ll need to log on to the district’s e-File website to indicate your acceptance. You’ll get immediate confirmation, and that is all there is to it!

If we can’t make you an offer or you don’t agree with our offer, you may schedule an informal meeting with a TCAD appraiser or have a hearing before the Travis Appraisal Review Board.


Can I get a copy of the appraisal roll?2021-01-20T13:19:09-06:00

Yes, an electronic copy of the entire appraisal roll data is made available free of charge on the appraisal district website. Upon a request the Appraisal District can provide PDF copies of the appraisal roll by property type, subdivision, zip code, and several other predefined criteria. The cost for PDF appraisal rolls are $5. Please contact the Records Coordinator for a list of predefined criteria. Additional criteria for PDF creation may be requested but will incur programming and manipulation charges.

What should I bring to my formal hearing?2020-11-30T19:06:55-06:00

Please bring your hearing letter to expedite the check in process. You should also bring any information that you want to present to support the value you think is correct. Bring 5 sets of the evidence to the formal hearing.

I am deaf. Will TCAD arrange for me to have an interpreter at my hearing?2020-11-30T19:10:40-06:00

Yes, at least 48 hours prior to your formal hearing please notify the district and we will arrange for an American Sign Language interpreter. Please send the request to hr@traviscad.org.

If I buy a foreclosed property and bring in my closing statement, will my market value be reduced?2021-01-20T13:38:08-06:00

If the foreclosed property was given an adequate exposure to the market, there was no attractive financing associated with it, the closing and repair costs were typical, and the sale is representative of its neighborhood, then it will.  If the price it sold for is not consistent with the marketplace of a property with similar quality and condition, it will not.

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