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Taxpayers can review their potential property tax bills at

AUSTIN, Texas – Travis County property owners can now review proposed tax rates and the impact they could have on their 2022 property tax bills online at

According to Travis Central Appraisal District (TCAD) Chief Appraiser Marya Crigler, “Right now, Travis County taxing entities are making important decisions about their budgets and tax rates that will impact property tax bills. Property owners who are concerned about rising property taxes should take this opportunity to get involved in the process.” allows a property owner to type in their address and review the proposed tax rates for the taxing entities that pertain to their property. The website breaks down how much of their tax bill goes to each taxing entity, lists upcoming hearings that owners can attend to participate in the budget process, and provides a convenient online option where taxpayers can send feedback to their local taxing entities.

In addition, makes it easy for property owners to see the impact that increased entity budgets will have on their property tax bills by comparing what a property’s tax bill would be if taxing entities adopted their no new revenue rates to their potential property tax bill using the proposed rates. State law requires taxing entities to calculate and publish their no new revenue rate to make it easier for the public to evaluate how budgetary decisions impact property tax bills.

“If taxing entities don’t increase their budgets, they should set their tax rate at the no new revenue rate to balance out increases in market values,” added Crigler. “When entities increase their budgets and adopt a tax rate higher than the no new revenue rate, they are increasing property tax bills for local property owners.”

Travis County property owners will receive a postcard regarding the website in the mail in the coming days. The postcard will feature the website When a property owner selects Travis County from that website, they will be redirected to

Tax rate information is published on the website by each taxing entity based on their schedules for adopting their 2022 budgets. Because these schedules may vary, property owners can expect to see updates to their information on a regular basis over the coming weeks as new data is received.

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