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Is there a fee to file for an exemption?2021-01-08T13:41:36-06:00

There is no fee to file and you do not have to hire anyone to file for you.  It is not necessary for homeowners to pay anyone to file for a homestead exemption or to obtain a refund for the late filing of a homestead or senior citizen exemption. Homestead exemption forms are available on our website.

I own a property and have a homestead exemption. I also own another property with someone else. Can that person qualify for a homestead exemption on the other property?2020-11-24T20:44:30-06:00

The property you own with another person may qualify for a prorated homestead exemption based on the other person’s ownership in the property and if he/she does not have another property with a homestead exemption. You will not qualify because you already have a homestead exemption for your primary residence.

Do I have to apply for a homestead exemption every year?2021-05-03T11:01:48-05:00

No, you do not have to reapply for a homestead exemption unless the Chief Appraiser requests a new application in writing, you move to a new residence, or your qualifications for an exemption change.

Homestead exemptions do not transfer between owners. New property owners must submit a new application for a homestead exemption on their property.

What is a homestead exemption?2020-10-29T20:18:54-05:00

A homestead exemption lowers your property taxes by removing part of the value of your property from taxation. There are several different types of homestead exemption, including the general residence homestead exemption and exemptions for seniors, people and veterans with disabilities, and some surviving spouses.

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